Rear and side walls of Hypertufa

  • Hello, Hypertufa is a replacement for natural tuffs and favorable for plant growth. The roots of the terrarium Aufsitzpflanzen find best stability. With adequate lighting and UV irradiation as well as watering, grow a variety of mosses and ferns and times from the Hypertufa.

    Hypertufa is popular for garden ornaments, pots and land forms. Hypertufa is relatively light compared with terra cotta or concrete and hard winter to -30 ° C (-20 ° F).

    Hypertufa was invented for use in alpine gardens, alpine gardeners have previously made and antique watering troughs, which were very rare and expensive.

    Edit Hypertufa needs a base layer, which should consist of at least two to three layers of flexible tile adhesive. So, it does not tile adhesive with peat mix in order to save the concrete /
    cement, as contained in the tile adhesive various plastics!

    With the classic proportions for mortar (1 part cement: 3 parts aggregate) consists of Hypertufa

    • 1 part Portland cement - Type I
    • 1 part peat
    • 1 part perlite (allows a coarser texture and is not necessary!)

    or classic in a 1:1 ratio, ie Portland cement and peat

    Both variants are mixed by volume (not weight)!

    Mixing only once all dry together according to the instructions of the mixing ratio, then take a second bucket (or suitable container) and is a 10l bucket of about 3l of cold water (max. hand hot) and moves to a pudding-like consistency, for stirring is a drill with a paint stirrer or agitator, the most optimal.

    It is best to wear disposable gloves when applying, because I have to acknowledge that it is easy to apply with the best hands. That's hard at first liable, is normal!

    You take a handful and "slaps" the Hypertufa against the wall and it does it a little broad smear .... repeat until the entire wall is completed. It is also advisable to stir the mixture in the bucket from time to time.

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